Thursday, June 19, 2014


Trophy distribution will IY”H take place this Sunday, June 22nd. We will be distributing donuts, trophies and a mystery gift between 9:30-10:30am in the YIWH backyard (or upstairs in the YIWH Youth Wing in the event of inclement weather). We look forward to seeing you there!

Congratulations to the 1st/2nd grade boys champion Black Crushers team, and to coaches Avrumie Kahn and Billy Lovy!

Congratulations to the 3rd/4th grade boys champion Yellow team, and to coaches Aaron Trauring, Richie Grossman and Avrumie Kahn!

Check out the pictures (below) of our 3rd/4th/5th grade girls joining the Hofstra Pride women’s softball team on May 2nd as part of Hofstra’s Dugout Runout program for local Little Leagues. Thanks to Bob Axel for organizing the trip and for taking great pictures!

At this time we would like to thank the coaches (and “associate coaches”) of the league teams who helped make this season a success: Ariel Cohen, Shmully Cohen, Chaim Davis, Ben Diamond, Izzy Eckman, Steven Frankel, David Frieden, Akiva Goldstein, Rabbi Josh Goller, Ezra Graber, Barry Grossman, Richie Grossman, Ari Herskovits, Avrumie Kahn, Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, Yaakov Levine, David Linder, Billy Lovy, Rabbi Michael Merrill, Josh Muskat, Duvy Nenner, Shlomo Perl, Evan Richman, Dan Rosenbaum, Rena Rubin, Ilan Schimmel, Ari Silbiger, Rabbi Elon Soniker, Neil Torczyner, Aaron Trauring and Evan Twersky. Thanks also to the parents who pitched in (sometimes literally) every week and cheered on their children and their teams.

The league commissioners wish the entire West Hempstead Shuls community a great summer, and we look forward to another successful season next spring!

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