Thursday, May 8, 2014


We have had quite a number of inquiries about this week's schedule, given various Mother’s Day plans that many families will be involved with. Therefore, teams will meet on a light schedule for pickup games and/or skills practice (batting, fielding, etc.) at the following times, which should allow for families’ lunch or dinner plans:

Kindergarten: 11:00 on Field 2

4th/5th grade girls: 11:00 on Field 1

1st/2nd boys: all meet at 1:45 on Field 2. If there are enough boys for two separate games, one game will be played on each field. Otherwise, there should be enough boys for at least one game. Game(s) should end before 3:15.

3rd/4th grade boys: all meet at 3:15 on Field 1

5th/6th grade boys: all meet at 3:15 on Field 2

Please note that Field #1 is the field closest to Hempstead Avenue, and Field #2 is the field closest to the parking lot.

Updates, particularly weather-related, will be posted as applicable on the league’s blog.

Don't forget water, sunscreen and caps for the players! Best wishes from the commissioners for a Happy Mother’s Day!!

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